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Individual contributor
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The Grant Writer for our nonprofit organization will play a vital role in securing funding to support our mission and programs. As an experienced and detail-oriented professional, you’ll be responsible for developing compelling grant proposals and managing the grant application process. Your exceptional writing abilities, strategic thinking and strong communication skills will be instrumental in articulating our organization's goals, impact, and financial needs to potential funders. By effectively conveying our mission and aligning it with the priorities of grant-making organizations, you will contribute directly to our sustainability and ability to make a positive impact in our community.

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About Caim

Caim is a 501(c)(3) charity that uses technology to help animal rescues save more lives. Our mission is to help the US become a no-kill nation. We do this by helping the 14,000+ shelters and rescues that exist across the US to find new fosters and operate more efficiently. Our platform is free to use and allows people to easily browse animals who need a foster home across different rescues. Once they find an animal they want to foster, we connect them with rescues in their area and provide resources to help them feel more supported on their fostering journey. 

We’re a small, volunteer run organization with BIG goals. We’re looking for experienced and committed people to join our team. All of our positions are volunteer (unpaid) and can be done from anywhere. Nearly all internal communication is via Slack and most volunteers work independently when their schedule allows. We aren’t a call heavy organization, but most roles require a weekly or fortnightly one-to-one call with their manager, which is scheduled during PST working hours.