Working to expand operations across the United States

Caim is in its early stages of growth and is continuously expanding to new locations. Currently, we only have partners who operate in parts of CO and TX. If you aren't located in one of these areas but still want to foster, check out our rescue directory below. If you're a shelter or rescue anywhere in the US, please sign up for an organization account. We update our operating areas as new partners join.

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Help give a rescue animal the chance to find their forever family

You can save a life by giving an animal a temporary home until they find their perfect adopter

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Each year...


Animals enter the shelter system in the United States


Of animals in shelters are surrendered by their owner


Dogs and cats are euthanized, typically due to overcrowding

How can you help?


Most of the animals that are euthanized are a result of overcrowding in shelters. By opening up your home to an animal until they can find their forever family, you’re quite literally saving their life.

Adopting a rescue animal

30 million Americans acquire an animal each year – more than the entire population of animals in shelters. If just 17% of the people acquiring animals got their pet from a shelter or rescue instead of breeders and third parties, we would empty all of the shelters across the US. Caim doesn't currently focus on adoption, but websites like Petfinder and Adopt-a-Pet are great for finding an animal near you to adopt.


Caim is a young organization with BIG ambitions. We provide technology that helps rescues save more lives, at absolutely no cost to them. We couldn’t continue to develop innovative technology for the animal welfare space if it weren’t for the support of our donors.

Empowering rescues to find more fosters

Shelters and rescues shouldn’t have to choose between providing for their animals and having tools that enable them to save more lives. Let us help connect you with potential fosters and lean on our resource library to help them overcome challenges they may face on their fostering journey.